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What Are the Pros/Cons Of Using A Car Towing Dolly vs A Flatbed?

Towing a car with a dolly is quite straightforward – the dolly is placed between the two front or back wheels and using hydraulics the vehicle will be lifted at an angle so the truck can pull the car behind it. Flatbed towing involves the use of a long steel flatbed truck that rises and lowers hydraulically in order for the car to be hoisted at a natural angle.

What are the pros/cons of using a car towing dolly vs a flatbed? Find out more below…

Dolly towing Pros

Price: it’s extremely cost-effective to hire this lightweight contraption

Manoeuvrability: easy and quick to position with its overall agility

Mileage stability: saving you money as the mileage count remains the same as driving

Dolly Towing Cons

Lightweight: not a secure method of towing larger cars or trucks

Vehicle wear: if long distances need to be covered the attached two wheels may suffer

Damage risk: potholes or road cracks can be potentially dangerous

Flatbed Towing Pros

Versatility: any vehicle can be carried by the flatbed so you needn’t be concerned about the weight

Security: your vehicle will arrive safely at the destination as it’s completely off the road

Loading ease: a trained technician will quickly get your vehicle onto the flatbed

Long distance assurity: your vehicle will remain secured and protected

Typical usage: ideal for bulldozers, excavators,and dumpers, and for luxury and vintage cars

Flatbed Towing Cons

Cost: the biggest drawback is the price of the flatbed towing service

How to Select the Best Car Towing Service

To arrange a car towing service in London with ease search online for a trusted company with lots of positive reviews! Make sure the technicians are all fully insured, trained, and experienced, and that you can get an emergency response at any time of the day or night. Discuss the type of vehicle that you need towing so that you get the right recovery service for your needs.

When you call give the adviser details of your problems and get a free, no-obligation quote before you make any further arrangements – then you’ll know just how much your tow car service will cost.

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