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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motor cycle is riskier than driving a car, and takes different skills. To make sure you stay safe whilst riding follow these motorcycle safety tips:

Choose The Right Gear

Wearing an approved helmet is an absolute must to protect against head injuries – face shields and protective eye wear will be needed if your helmet has an open face. Leathers provide extra protection for your body, and you’ll want boots as well as gloves to safeguard your feet and hands.

Pick The Right Bike

Start with a bike that fits you – you should be able to rest your feet flat on the ground when sitting. Choose a model that’s not too heavy to handle, and that’s easy to get on and off. For starter bikes select a 250-300cc engine, and for highway riding opt for a 500-750cc engine range.

Do The Right Checks

Make sure your bike stays in good working order by checking:
  • The tyres for signs of wear in the treads
  • Leaks of oil or gas under the motorcycle
  • Lights fully functioning and tested for high and low beams
  • Hydraulic and coolant fluids topped up and checked weekly
  • Clutch and throttle are working smoothly
  • Mirrors are clean and properly adjusted
  • Brakes are firm and hold the motorcycle still when applied fully
  • Horn tested and working well

Ride The Right Way

  • Follow traffic rules and obey the speed limit
  • Never drink and drive, and remember tiredness can impair your reactions
  • Stay alert and defensive, and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front
  • Watch for road hazards, and avoid bad weather
  • Take advanced lessons to develop riding techniques

Breakdown Recovery

When your bike’s broken down at the roadside you need a motorcycle recovery team! You’ll be able to get an all-inclusive motorbike recovery service that has your motorcycle fixed there and then, or takes your bike via a specialised motorbike recovery vehicle to a nearby garage where it can be repaired. Your motorcycle recovery expert will be immediately sent to your location in London or Greater London after you’ve booked your bike recovery service.

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