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What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down On The Motorway

One of the most dangerous locations for you to breakdown is on the motorway. However, if you have a plan of action prepared for just that situation you’ll be able to deal with it calmly. Take a look at the following guide as to what do you do when your car breaks down on the motorway…

Park and Wait

Drive the car safely across the lanes to the hard shoulder and park close to the verge. Get out of the vehicle by the door away from the traffic and keep pets and children under control. Ensure everyone is waiting somewhere safe before you leave to call for breakdown recovery. Walk to an emergency telephone and give your full details to your car breakdown service before returning to the vehicle to wait nearby – if you’ve got a mobile phone you can call from there. Only get back inside to turn on the hazard lights, and if it’s dark your parking lights. Many breakdown recovery companies in London will give priority to motorway calls due to the potential danger for the people involved, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to be rescued. If you feel that you’re in danger you can call the emergency services for further help and advice.

Roadside Assistance

It’s highly likely that your vehicle will be fixed at the roadside to get you to your destination. Your car rescue expert will be highly experienced, and fully trained to help you. Depending how severe your situation is you may have to have your vehicle transported on a platform to a nearby garage where it can be repaired. Following any breakdown assistance that allows you to carry on your journey make sure you use the hard shoulder to build up speed to merge back onto the motorway, using the correct signals and moving into lanes when you have space to do so.

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