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6 Tips To Avoid Towing Company Fraud

There may come a time when your vehicle breaks down at the roadside, or you’re involved in an accident and you need the help of a towing company to move it from the scene. If you do run into problems on the road you need to be wary of tow trucks that arrive that you didn’t actually call for! These fraudsters are just looking to scam you, so follow these 6 tips to avoid towing company fraud:
  • Only use local towing companies that were called by you or by the police. If it seems miraculous that a tow truck happens to appear just at the time you need it, it’s probably true!
  • Warning signs are a truck without any brand or signage, and a driver asking you all sorts of personal questions, so just stay in your vehicle until your own service arrives. Never give any insurance information to this tow truck driver as it’s just another way for fraud to be committed.
  • Read all the paperwork carefully, including the fine print as you may find yourself with a huge towing bill. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re signing, and if you’re in any doubt just ask – this won’t be a problem if your company is genuine.
  • Check that the company name and paperwork all match, and double check with the truck logo. Get a copy of everything that you sign so that you have the original documents if any alterations are made following your recovery.
  • Your driver may recommend a particular repair shop and insist your vehicle gets towed there. Demand that your vehicle is taken to the shop of your choice and if the tow truck operator objects this could be indicative of dishonest business practices.
  • Use a local towing service and be sure of fully trained, highly experienced, and completely insured recovery professionals sent to help you. You’ll be able to ring for a quote so you know the price you’ll be paying is fair, and you’ll even be able to get assistance at night. Choose a highly rated towing company in London so you know you’re in safe hands.

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