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20 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car to Be Prepared for Breakdown Recovery

Prepare for the unexpected! The list could go on forever, but here's 20 of the more important things you should always keep in your car to help you get through any emergency in the safest and least stressful way possible.
1) A warning triangle - Essential in the case of breakdown
2) A high visibility jacket - Being seen is the first step to staying safe
3) A first aid kit - Just the basics to get you through an emergency
4) Details of your breakdown assist or car breakdown service - That contact number won't do you any good it it's at home
5) A charged mobile phone - Consider an old-style phone with a long battery life as smart phones can drain really fast
6) A road map - Sat-nav can let you down, paper never runs out of power or goes out of range
7) A torch - And spare batteries if it's battery operated but a wind up touch could be a more reliable option
8) Spare bulbs and fuses - A simple thing that could make a big difference to your safely
9) Spare tyre and jack - If you know how to change the tyre yourself so much the better
10) Jump leads - And if you don't know how to use them, learn! No physical strength required just a bit of know-how
11) Work gloves - So if you do have to do dirty work you'll keep your hands clean
12) Fire extinguisher - You'll probably never need it, but if you do you'll be so glad you had it
13) Non-perishable food - Crisps, energy bars... something to keep your energy levels up while you're waiting for your breakdown recovery
14) Water - In a sealed bottle, useful if you're thirsty or if you need to top up the radiator
15) Paper towels - for cleaning up after spills inside the car or wiping down a dirty windscreen
16) Notebook and pencil - Useful for writing your details after a minor accident or for jotting down directions if you get lost
17) Loose change - For tolls, payphones or car parks
18) Waterproofing - Umbrella, coat and boots, in case you have to walk or work in the rain
19) Warm clothing - A winter requirement. You can get really chilled, really fast if your car breaks down in the cold
20) An EMPTY petrol can - Never carry spare fuel in your car, it's not safe...but if you do run out and decide to walk to the garage you'll need this.

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